To play in Bridgestone Junior Golf Tour events in Hamilton County, IN and the surrounding region, each player must join the tour. In partnership with the Hamilton County Junior Golf Association, junior players of any skill level and up to age 18 may join the tour for one low price per season.

The price this 2020 season is $69.00.

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We strive to keep prices down, so that every family can enjoy the sport. However, we recognize that for some families, even $69 per player can be too much. Thanks to our generous sponsors the Bridgestone Junior Golf Tour offers a limited number of scholarships. If you think you might qualify, please contact us to apply.

Tournament Registration

Once you’ve joined the tour, you’ll need to register separately for each event you plan to play. Players in the 11-and-under group pay $25 to play a nine-hole event, and players in the 12-to-14 and 15-to-18 age groups pay $35 for an 18-hole event.

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